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— Daily Tune 23/07/2019

Working Men’s Club – ‘Teeth’

Listen up, lovers of cold 80s-infected post-punk vibes! There’a new sensation in town and it goes by the name Working Men’s Club. The four-piece from the Calder Valley already supported Fat White Family and they freshly signed to Heavenly which is always a good thing to do for an indie band, if you ask me. Their new single Teeth is a furious mixture of pumping disco punk and goth-infected wave vibes. It’s got this great ongoing intensity that builds up quite an atmosphere over the course of these four minutes. “It is a metaphor,” explains the band’s singer and guitarist Sydney Minsky-Sargeant the concept of the track. “It could be about going insane or what you see, what you think you feel inside, a lot of things… put through a drum machine… basically we just want to confuse the fuck out of people, in a good way!” I surely can’t wait for more musical content from the Working Men’s Club.

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