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— Daily Tune 19/02/2020

Working Men’s Club – ‘White Rooms & People’

A while ago we named British indie outfit Working Men’s Club as one of the most exciting new artists for 2020 while only giving us three songs so far. Now a fourth one arrives and it looks like we weren’t entirely wrong about the group around leader and chief beat-maker Sydney Minsky-Sargeant. The grooving White Rooms And People sounds less dark and industrial than their previous singles but still got this infectious 80s-fuelled vibe that makes it so tempting. “People have an important role to play,” explains Minsky-Sargeant the origins of this new tune. “Creative power is incredibly important in these times, whether it’s to soothe people’s pain, distract them or address how fucked up the world is right now. There are things we have to accept but there are also things we can do; the power has always been there so it’s about time we used it again.” Understood? Well, even if not, the rhythm of this new tune will definitely get you. More music from Working Men’s Club will hopefully arrive over the course of the next months.

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