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Sailing Stones

Join Sailing Stones For Some Soul Searching On Their New Single “The Fire Escape”

When you google the name Sailing Stones you will see a whole lot of deserts, sands and documentaries about a mystical natural phenomenon. The stones, which seem to move at first glance, can be explained by the work of physics and water melting underneath them but the name still rings in the ear like magic. Something about the slow, yet continuous movement of the rocks fascinated the musician Jenny Lindfors and she took on the name as a moniker for her musical solo work.
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Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Elsa Carmona

Following her start in the major label sector the distinctive singer now lives in her own creative world and has just dropped new single 'X-Lover'. The song joins other exciting new tunes from Hello Ocean, Me Not You, Avalanche Party, HMLTD and Sailing Stones in our favourite spot for new music.
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