Following the release of the powerful rock anthem Swim For Your Life and a sold-out UK tour in autumn 2019, the indie rock outfit The Pale White from Newcastle are breaking new ground in their most recent single Polaroid, a tune we cannot get enough of lately. Praised for their melodic guitar arrangements, throbbing rhythm sections, the powerful vocals of front singer Adam Hope and a reputation as an outstanding live act, it is no wonder that the three-piece got to open for the likes of Sam Fender, Foals or The Libertines. These guys are a buzzing new act to watch out for and hopefully this song is just the precursor for more new material to come in the next months.

Polaroid opens with the band’s signature melodic guitar sound, an intense bass and drum fundament and quickly evolves into a refreshing hymn about the tempting idea of living inside a freeze-framed moment in time, be it a memory, or a certain feeling that connects you to that single moment. But it is hardly only driven by this sense of nostalgia: Passionate and spirited as ever, Polaroid is a bold expression of the powerful energy that The Pale White are capable of delivering. Staging the essence of a rock-infused anthem, it captures the rush of explosive dynamics in a lively tune that is hard to turn away from and should deserve your undivided attention.

It’s the start of a new decade, but ‘Polaroid’ talks about the past. It’s a melancholy blast about freezing a specific moment in time and living in it forever. Ironically, Its quite the opposite of how we’re feeling as a band. We’re feeling stronger than ever and ready to take on the 20’s.”

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