Welcome to the world of Wyldest. British songwriter Zoe Mead is about to release her second full-length under that moniker and as some of you might have missed her sweet 2019 debut Dream Chaos we think now is the right time to enter the lush and shoegazing musical cosmos of this talented young woman. Heal is the latest teaser from her new LP Monthly Friend which sees Mead stepping up her game on a personal and professional level. It’s not only a musical testament of empowerment as an entirely self-sufficient artist but also as a woman overcoming gender stereotypes and societal constraints. Built upon gentle folk gems and carefully outlined textures the dream pop of Wyldest is indeed one that captivates the listener in a hypnotizing way while also providing important messages about womanhood and personal growth as the songwriter also explains:

“Throughout the album, I visit these feelings through metaphors, largely related to nature. I always found it really ironic that women commonly get compared to fruit. Peaches for example get over-ripe and people throw them away, discard them, when in fact they are probably at their most delicious and nutritious.

A lot of the time, women are unfortunately subject to a similar fate. When they are young, they are sexualised and therefore their actual intellectual and creative worth can be overlooked. As they age, they get disregarded almost completely, and for what? Because they aren’t as useful to men anymore? Perhaps. But why does our ability to reproduce have to dictate our worth? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t.”

And with these words in mind the entire listening experience of Heal gets even better, trust us. Monthly Friend by Wyldest arrives later this week, on May 28 via Hand In Hive and we honestly hope to get you hyped up for it right now.

There is also a beautiful acoustic version of Heal which Wyldest recorded exclusively for us. Watch it at:


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