Sometimes artist monikers have an exciting background story – or at least a good inside joke but in the case of Amber Strawbridge you can take hers quite literal. Bored At My Grandmas House picked her alias because that’s the setting and scenery in which she first started making songs on GarageBand. Turns out, staying with your family can be quite creative. The 20-year old songwriter who was born in Whitehaven, Cumbria just released a brand new EP called Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too and it’s one of the most charming dreamy indie rock releases recently, one that definitely deserves the attention of all lovers of that specific sound. We already introduced you to the charming opening song Showers before and today we’re giving you another argument by placing the EP’s title-track to the top position of our LISTEN AHEAD playlist.

The songs on the new Bored At My Grandmas House EP were all written during the first lockdown in 2020 and that might also explain the existential notion of the tracks as Strawbridge explains in the press release: “‘Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too’ is the realisation that everyone is the same. In the sense that we are all human, everyone has issues and problems to face, everyone makes mistakes and has success. I used to compare myself to others a lot and think ‘wow they have their life together’ or ‘how are they so happy all of the time’ but that’s not the case it’s just what you can see on the outside …so it’s kind of an EP of self assurance and reminding myself that it’s ok to not have it together all the time because no one does as we’re all just human after all.” And maybe in a moment where everything tends to feel quite pointless from time to time it’s nice to be reminded of that. There’s nothing boring about these songs, just a lot of wholesome musical and emotional content and we’re really looking forward to more material from this wonderful young talent.

Amber also recorded a great acoustic version of the track for our Instagram. Don’t miss it!


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