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— Daily Tune 20/11/2020

Irresistible Indie Charm Awaits You With Bored At My Grandmas House And “Showers”

Hands down, Bored At My Grandmas House is not only a brilliant name for an indie-rock project but it’s actually the setting in which 19-year old Leeds-based Amber Strawbridge started her project. She did start experimenting with “Garageband” while staying at her grandmother’s house and following first demos she uplodaed to Soundcloud, Strawbridge is now readying her first EP Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too which arrives on the 5th of February via Clue Records. Showers is the first single from it, a dreamy and hazy piece of marvellous indie-rock. “Showers are a kind of therapy in my opinion, they give you time to reflect and think without influence from anything external,” the songwriter expalisn the context and you can’t shake off the mediative notion of track which might please fans of bands like Wolf Alice and Alvvays a lot. Bored At My Grandmas House is anything but boring, that much is for sure and I can’t wait for more in 2021.

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