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New Artist Encounter: In Conversation With Chez Ali & Solå

After introducing you to some of 2021's most promising new artists a while ago, we went one step further and brought some of those artists together in a virtual room to discuss what it feels like having a career in the music industry right now with ... well, everything's that's going on. This is the first edition of our "New Artist Encounter" talk, featuring Sweden's Chez Ali and Solå from Norway.
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10 Exciting New Artists To Watch In 2021

New year, same crisis? Well, not when it comes to new musical talent. We're still amazed by the countless wonderful newcomers that find their way into our inboxes on a regular basis. There are many great new artists out there waiting to be discovered and today the writers of NBHAP would like to share ten personal highlights with you, which we'll be keeping on our radars over the next twelve months.
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Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Darjeeling

The German psychedelic rock outfit returns with a fitting anthem for socially distanced 2020. Check out "Meet U In RL" in our newcomer playlist along with highly recommendable new music by Claud, Chez Ali, Marie Noreger, Alice Ray, KWAYE and more.
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