When we first encountered Berlin-based quintet People Club as a support act, we were witnessing the craft of a band completely assured of themselves despite only having been around for about a year. From their enthralling grooves to the distinctive, soulful delivery of singer Sarah Martin, the five musicians from around the globe displayed an unusual level of refinement – their stage moves remaining in sync with both each other and their musical parts, not a single note seemed superfluous or misplaced, a rare feat that had yet to release a single at that time.

They’ve have since caught up, with their set opener Better serving as the debut single to these exciting newcomers. Around a backbone of stomping drums and bass, People Club construct a soundscape that hedges influences from psychedelia and soul into an engulfing pool of reverberating guitar licks and shimmering synthesizers. The compact, interlocked playing creates numerous distinctive moments, but it’s Martin’s pleading vocals which really rise above the wall of sound as she recounts a tale of self-certitude and defying your nagging thoughts.

“The lyrics were inspired by the universal addiction to disassociation; how we mindlessly lose hours by scrolling through social media or fervently consuming a t.v. series in one sitting. I wanted to encourage people to refocus their time and energy on their art or other priorities; to assure them that they can do – and be –  better.”

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