Few bands have found as warm a welcome waiting for them on these pages as Swedish group La Lusid, who became firm favourites here after the release of their debut album La Lusid in 2018. We’re a couple of years on from that now, and the band has spent most of that time wrapped up in various other projects, but now they’re back in action, and we’re delighted to bring you the premiere of their latest single Beehive.
If you liked La Lusid before, then this will be happily familiar for you. Beehive could have easily dropped off their debut, as it shares the same traits that made those songs great. The band still knows how to put together effortlessly pretty indie-pop, and singer Paulina Palmgren still has that voice that pronounces words like an artist puts a brushstroke onto an oil painting. Beehive, like, La Lusid‘s other songs, still sounds warm and moving – let’s hope that’s something that never changes. Check it out, along with a short Q’n’A with the band, below.
So to start things off, how are you finding being musicians and artists in the middle of the activity-freeze that is the corona pandemic?

The biggest change is that our drummer Hovis has gotten a job at a warehouse and has to go to work at four in the morning. Besides that, we are lucky not to be very affected. We are in the studio instead of doing live shows.

Tell us about the song Beehive.

It’s a new song from an old age and we are happy to release it. 

This is a stand-alone single, with no album on the way particularly soon. Did you just want to check in with your fans again and touch ground with a new song, as it’s been a couple of years since the album?

Yes, pretty much. It’s a nice song but we felt like it wouldn’t fit on our upcoming album-in-progress. It would be a waste not to release it at all, though.

It’s been a little while, and you play in other projects so your often exposed to new musical experiences – do you think the band has changed, in style or anything else, since you released La Lusid?

The band has been through a sort of identity crisis since the first album, and we are still trying to figure it out. The EP was childhood, the album was puberty and now we are in adolescence getting high for the first time and it’s very confusing.

Beehive is out on June 5 on Birds Records.