Berlin-based producer LLUCID isn’t entirely new to the NBHAP cosmos but so far we mostly noticed him has ‘the guy in the background’ like when he joined forces with the wonderful MADANII, worked with Mulay or helped crafting the last wonderful Hundreds album. Following years of successful production work, the young gentleman now decided to step into the limelight as a solo performer and his sort-of debut single Fooled is quite an impressive way to start this exciting new part in his career.

A twisted groove pushes the track forward, built on hip hop DNA but quickly evolving into something slightly more abstract. A sharp Moog bassline helps to give the track a gloomy direction. On top of if LLUCID delivers a mighty flow of thoughts as his rap/singing performance deals with the personal struggles in his life. Just like the rest of his forthcoming 2022 EP Getting In Touch the song Fooled is a reflection of the artist’s struggle with fear and panic attacks and the struggle of accepting your demons. In the case of LLUCID it feels like he invites those demons for a joint dance. Fooled is a substantial futuristic pop gem that really grabs you by your guts and it’s a fascinating glimpse into the future of this talented fella.

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