Photo by Johanna Attesson

In ALICE BOMAN‘s songs background crackles wild hiss. They appear quiet though. The 90s Calvin Klein monochrome video to her song Waiting is an ode to slow motion: ‘I want you more than I need you / I need you so bad’. Is that a mourning cry for submission while being in total control at the same time? You witch! Conducted into beautifully shimmering songs? Or is it just Dolores Hayes asking for a proper whip. Maybe we should have placed other questions to find out, but the restricted version of what NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in standardized executed precision normally asks musicians and artists you can read right here. For an uncut version watch the video below.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?
Oh, I always have such a hard time describing music. But I think I would say it’s quite simple but direct. Lo-fi. Not very polished, a bit time-less (hopefully). The voice and the piano are the main things, and then sometimes there’s layers of sound on top of that.

Are there any role models in music that made you play to the piano?
I guess it was my parents who first made me try it out. There was a lot of music at home and the piano, once belonging to my grandparents, became my way to explore music.  And then when I started writing songs, using the piano was the most natural thing.

You are writing a lot about love and the bad sides of it. What fascinates you about that subject?
Love is such a big part of life. Everybody’s life. So I think anyone can relate to it, in one way or another, since everything circles around it. And when singing and writing about it, it gives me some sense of comfort.

An essential question: Synthesizer or piano? What’s better and why?
Oh, they are both great. I haven’t played much synthesizer at all so I feel I’m not the best to judge. I love the sound and feeling of playing on a real piano. The whole thing. But then, I have become more and more fascinated about synthesizers and their enormous possibilities in sounds etc. The depth. So it’s hard to say. But if I had to chose I guess I would say piano.

Did you have any special heartthrob or crush when you were a teenager?
Well, yes, Or no, maybe not one specific crush that stands out the most. But I’ve had shares of crushes and disappointments.

With an industry changing to quickly at the moment. What survival tip would you give young musicians in the music industry?
I believe in doing your own thing. But not in the way that you would need a thing that is totally original, because everything has already been done. But to just keep playing and singing in the way that comes and feels natural to you. To not force things. I think that’s the best tip, to somehow stay true to yourself.

If people ever plan to head to Malmö for a vacation, what’s the ultimate place you should visit in the city?
The ocean and the parks. Then you should visit the neighborhoods around Möllevångtorget. There you’ll find nice restaurants and bars to hang out on, and good second hand stores. It is quite a small city, and you can walk everywhere. I love that about Malmö.

What role do the aspects hope and passion play in your life?
I guess hope and passion are both two things that are essential in everyone’s life? To keep hoping for good things to come, or things to change. To not give up. And I think it’s very important to find things you are passionate about and care for, for many reasons. Passion makes you feel more alive.