Alice Boman - Photo by Johanna Attesson

Photo by Johanna Attesson

Malmö-based singer songwriter ALICE BOMAN has released a new video for her song Burns. Burns is taken from her 2014 release EP II, and it’s a slow-moving picturesque song. It gently feels its way into life with sparse piano notes while a weary Boman sings ‘it burns, it burns, now you are gone, and I am done,’ before slowly and gradually building in intensity.

Director Christoffer Castor assembled the video for Burns from a set of home movies he discovered in an abandoned cabin in southern Sweden, and they have a sense of hazy memory which perfectly suits the mood of the song. ALICE BOMAN goes on a small European tour this February, which will include visits to Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen. EP II is out now on Adrian Recordings. Be ready to start your week with this wonderful cure of the infamous ‘Monday blues.’