Alvin ZealotIt took them a few years to make it but now Swiss rock band ALVIN ZEALOT seems to be ready to return with their sophomore album Flux. In the past years these four lads had to struggle more than one time when it came to the recording process of the record. Why? Well, could be anything from a lack of inspiration to a writer’s block and the shadow of their well received debut Tears of St. Lawrence from 2008. But in the end a band needs to stick together to survive. That’s what ALVIN ZEALOT did and that’s why Flux – out today in Germany and Austria via label Snowhite – sounds way more grown up. Perfect moment to have these guys answer us a few questions on the album and everything that went with its progress.


You album is called „Flux“. How did you call attention to this quote of David Lvithan?
Our drummer heard the quote from his girlfriend and told us about his idea to use it as an album name. We didnt‘ know it by then so he showed it to us. We thougt it‘s fitting well to our album, it‘s so general, like a biblical quotation. People change and you have to find youself otherwise it won‘t work out. It‘s somehow really difficult to find a name for an album. So we thought instead of searching any longer to find something better, we take Flux, as it‘s fitting really well. And actually you can‘t really do something wrong with a name, as it‘s not so important, we think.


Would you describe yourself more than a intellectuel top-heavy band or as the boys from the garage round the corner?
I think we‘re more „boys“ although we‘re also a bit top-heavy, but more in the direction garage than the other. In Switzerland, where we come from, you hardly can‘t find this stereotype. Someone who‘s rehearsing in a garage and plays without any principles or idea of ethics; as we‘re from in such a temperate country. I think we‘re typical swiss and still young, so we don‘t know yet what we‘re gonna do next, as we‘re still the same kind of typ we don‘t know in which direction it‘ll go.


This leads us to my next question. How did your background Switzerland affected you? If you didn‘t answered it already in the last question.
We‘re not the kind of extrem type people, we are stundents, work in bars like everyone, we‘re not very loud or self confident. We‘re more critical with ourselfs, a difficult thing. But i guess, when you talk with us, you allready realize that we‘re swiss, because of our accent.


How did you get to music, or how did you develop as a band?
In Switzerland, there‘s existing a thing called “Guggenmusig”. It’s the kind of music, bands play with trompetes and drums during the carnival. Two of us met there and wanted to found a rockband. They searched a guitarist and a singer and they found them in the village, where one of them grew up. That‘s how we started to play with each other, maybe 10 km away from our parents houses.

ALVIN ZEALOT is quite an interesting band name. Any special meaning behind it?
When we named us  like that, we tried to imagine a person, Alvin the Zealot. Alvin is a fictiv person and Zealot is a fanatic, actually in a chrisitan way. We don‘t wanna refer to the religious thing, more the fanatic. We imagined, that everything Alvin does, travelling through the world, make experiences, he does it in a fanatic way. He should be like a mirror, a person we can project everything in. At this time, we still had this dream and thought, maybe someone will discover us and we can play on big stages in England, Germany, France or maybe somwhere in Balkan and travel a lot. This romantic Alvin we liked a lot. Now we think, it‘s more about the difficulty to pronounce the name the right way. That was actually the thing to rotate about the most, how to pronounce it correctly. If we would create a new name, we would possibly just choose a word, which is easy to prounounce.


How would you descirbe your genre?
If it‘s still existing , alternativ rock. Not really mainstream and also not really GRIZLLY BEAR. Of course we wish that we‘re more on the side of GRIZLLY BEAR or RADIOHEAD, bands who have a real substance which also goes deep. But i think we‘re somewhere between and I guess it‘s ok like that.


So your idols are Bands like Radiohead?


What are your future plans?
We don‘t have plans yet but talked about recording a third album. But the songs are meanwhile utilised , because we wrote them 3 or 5 years ago and we played them so often, that theres a urge to do something new. It‘s like a push to start working o new songs, but it‘s not definite so far.


Final question as reference to the name of our page. What does hope and passion mean to you?
It‘s really a nice name. Everyone is wishing for hope an passion but still we‘re catched in this uniformity. Maybe also the most extrem artist is caught in there. It‘s also a bit like our album title, like a biblical quotation, with which everyone can identify himself.