Andy Stott - Anytime SoonIf you want to explore the dark side of the discotheque there clearly is no better name at the moment as ANDY STOTT. The Manchester-based producer is constantly expanding the boundaries of electronic techno, resulting in a sound that is both … strange and highly addictive. His latest EP Luxury Problems was a testament of this gloomy and endlessly dark groove. And his new track Anytime Soon follows this direction and unfolds itself as an eight-minute-long ride into the depth of darkness.

ANDY STOTT‘s latest tune is part of a specials singles series by label Adult Swim. And even better – you can download the tune right here for free among great other songs. Anytime Soon is everything we hoped for from Mr. STOTT. Imagine a nightmare placed in the scenary of an underground techno club. That’s the direction where we’re heading. No light obviously so we wish you a happy trip into the unkown as this one is NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s sound of the night today.