aphex twinThis might be the closest we’ve come to actual new APHEX TWIN material in years. Fans of the project around mastermind Richard David James have arranged the release of his rare 1994 recording Caustic Window. A test pressing of the unreleased album was up for sale on Discogs for a price of $13,500. The owner, a British record collector, APHEX TWIN‘s label Rephlex Records and the electronic music forum ‘We Are The Music Makers (WATMM)’ now agreed on giving 500 people the chance to receive a digital copy of the record by launching a Kickstarter page. More infos can be found at the WATMM forums right here.

APHEX TWIN and the label have given permission for an one-off duplication for a price of $8,368. If this goal is reached with the help of the fans, they will receive their digital downloads and the physical LP will be sold on eBay. The profits will be split between Rephlex/APHEX TWIN, the initial fundraisers and a charity.

Watch the legendary video for Windowlicker below.