Now, this is an essential question: are you a morning person or not? Some people really prefer the early hours, are more productive and worship a certain quietness, others really can’t get something done before 12 p.m. and an intense amount of coffee. I’m probably a mixture of both and Swiss producers James Varghese and Ramon Ziegler aka Diskret aren’t really sure either so they decided to give both aspects – the gentle and the more grumpy one – a fair amount of space in this exclusive NBHAP Guestmix they produced for us.

Having these two gentlemen compile a ambient mixtape for the early hours was a pretty obvious decision. We already featured their tender tracks Odes and Reprise before and their entire debut EP really deserves your attention if you are into tender and sonic sounds with a synthetic foundation. Diskret deliver music that makes your mind slip away and the forty minutes you are about to witness only underline their expertise in this field. Mr. Varghese explains the intention behind their ‘Morning Mix.’

‘We are two very different morning people. I am awake the moment I open my eyes. Ramon needs a couple of minutes. He’s not grumpy or anything. Just a little bit more… let’s say… relaxed. So we tried to put together a mix that works for both.’

Featuring favourites like Aphex Twin and Bonobo the following selection really helps you to get your day started. It’s a meditative companion for the early hours (and those that call for contemplation). We really hope you’ll enjoy it.

Tracklist – Diskret’s Morning Mix

01. Max Cooper – Incompleteness
02. Aphex Twin – #3
03. Bonobo – Second Sun
04. Julianna Barwick – Nebula
05. Mary Lattimore – On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale
06. Max Cooper – Reciprocity
07. Fennesz + Sakamoto – Cendre
08. Geotic – Riding Thermals
09. Chihei Hatakeyama – Metropolis
10. Visible Cloaks – Wheel
11. Jan Wagner – Nummer M