Now, that’s a first on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. After already debuting the Odes video by Swiss electronic music duo Diskret back in November we now also officially to a sequel premiere and present you the video for Reprise, the track that – like the name implies – is a direct continuation of the previously one. Turns out that’s what the band also wanted to achieve as the band’s James Varghese says, they never wanted the song Odes to end. But since it can’t run forever they needed an alternative as he explains: ‘Through some happy accidents we discovered that it also works really well if you play it backwards. It’s similar but gives it a very different feel. Somehow we also discovered that if we pitch down another track of ours (‘Dazed’, the first track of the EP) you can just add it to the decay of the last note ringing out and it would transition perfectly.’ The song is a fitting closing track for the band’s self-titled debut EP which is now set for a March 22 release.

The accompanying music video also comes with a personal story as James Varghese explains:

‘I found footage from my brother’s digicam on one of my old hard drives a couple of months ago. These recordings are more than 15 years old and we had never watched them! It was like stepping into a time machine. I thought it matched the mood of the song really well and started cutting and editing without thinking too much about it. When it was done I noticed some things I really liked about how the video and the song come together:

The song is the ‘Reprise’ of the EP. We’re looking back, using material from earlier songs to create an echo. In the same way the video is looking back at a couple of insecure teenagers growing up, fooling around, trying to be cool. When the song switches and goes into the second part so does the video. You see the consequences, the ‘hangover’. It’s difficult to put everything in words, and the moment when I do, it feels like it loses something. I don’t want to try to be super deep. At the end of the day it’s just a couple of boys trying to figure stuff out. I just really like the texture and the feel of the video.’

And we surely agree on this. The nostalgic notion of the music video perfectly matches with the ambient textures of the Diskret track and you can witness this beautfiul combination right here.