Oh beautiful night time! Sometimes things do look and feel better in the dark and with the right music you can surely have a joyful time. The sound of Tusks is a pretty fitting soundtrack for the nightly scenery as well. Songwriter Emily Underhill just released a really stunning sophomore album called Avalanche which follows the footsteps of her praised 2017 debut Dissolve. Back then we described her latest release as “an approaching thunderstorm in the middle of the night” and that sums up the dark intensity of this record pretty good. Needless to say Mrs. Underhill was a fitting choice for us when it comes to compile music for our moody Dark Night Playlist on Spotify.

So, we asked Tusks to pick some of her favourites, resulting in the following quite diverse mixture of gritty electronica, tender neo-classic and melancholic songwriter sounds. Here’s how she describes her mixture

“I love dystopian style synths late at night, it kind of makes me feel a bit other-worldy and more touch with the universe- in a way where you realise how small and insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things, but in a really comforting sense. And then if I’m on a bit of a downer, a bit of Justin Vernon and Daughter is all I want.”

Her slightly dystopian selection also features artists like Burial, Rival Consoles, FKA Twigs, Ben Howard and James Blake – so plenty of our own favourites which makes us even happier despite the gloomy notion of that all.

PLEASE NOTE: Tusks‘ playlist was only available for a limited time, now many of her picks have merged along with our own picks, resulting in a mighty seven-hour mix for your nocturnal delight.