Aphex Twin - Cheetah

When you know the long and sustainable relationship between Warp Records and The Designers Republic – Sheffield famous design agency – it is really no surprise to see them excelling in the art of teasing their artists releases. Today It seems that we can expect a new EP from APHEX TWIN any time soon. Warp sent a bunch of old-style synth ads to record shops they like. On the flyer, you can read the following :

The APHEX TWIN Cheetah EP uses digital sound generation techniques combined with wave sequencing technology to bring you sounds with movement and depth rarely found on records today… please be sure to read the owners manual carefully before attempting to operate the Cheetah EP. If you wish to experiment and create some sounds of your own, first try editing some sounds we’ve already made for you, before attempting to create a patch from scratch… Have fun programming, and if you create any superb patches and tones which you feel deserve to be appreciated by other Cheetah EP buyers, send a MIDI System Exclusive Dump of them, on a disc to us at WARP.

This new EP would be the fourth official release since Syro, AFX also having often released several tracks on various mysterious soundcloud accounts over the past two years. Three APHEX TWIN EP’s were released last year, including MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 and Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08. We can expect something different for this first 2016 release as this new way of teasing is clearly a shift from the ‘no-communication’ advert policy of the previous releases. Quite recently, APHEX TWIN made some noise after XL’s PAUL WOOLFORD had uploaded a rare 1992 Sheffield session of the man – during the golden age of UK raves and when Sheffield was the main electronic stronghold of the UK.

UPDATE 09/06/2016. Following the teasing, APHEX TWIN officially announed the new EP for a release on July 8 via Warp Records. There’s now also a homepage which shows a digital version of the previously mentioned flyer. The new release will feature seven brand new tracks by Mr. James.

‘Cheetah’ – Tracklist

01. CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum]
03. CHEETA1b ms800
04. CHEETA2 ms800
05. CIRKLON3 [ Kolkhoznaya mix ]
07. 2X202-ST5