Balthazar - 2015

What a lovely return. I mean, it’s not an entirely surprising one, we must say. Last summer NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION met the guys from BALTHAZAR to talk a bit about the follow-up record to 2012’s Rats and now, half a year later it’s about to arrive. Thin Walls is the name of the new album by the Belgian indie-rock institution and it is set for a release on March the 30th. After successful and international tours it looks like BALTHAZAR are clearly not lacking of the needed confidence when it comes to the next step. After all, DEPECHE MODE producer Ben Hillier helped to shape the sound of Thin Walls.

And just to give us a few more arguments the band is presenting a smooth first single from the album. Then What presents familiar strengths of the band around masterminds Jinte Deprez and Maaerten Devoldere while also giving a few fresh impulses. It’s basically a lovely return of a band that is truly destined for bigger goals. And 2015 will be there year. If you don’t trust us please find further proof right here.