Best Coast - Feeling OK - Video


One of the advantages from switching over to a major label is an increased video budget which always help to shake things up. And since California Nights marked that switch for surf rock two-piece BEST COAST it’s no surprise that the video clip for the album opener Feeling OK is a high gloss visual treatment for the tune.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because if you didn’t have a crush on Bethany Cosentino you’ll surely have after this video. It features the BEST COAST singer in an almost too perfect reflection of the suburban life. Watch her and bandmate Bobb Bruno doing sports, drinking healthy stuff, playing tennis, cycling around and all these nice things, always accompanied by a big fat smile. Like we said… it’s almost too perfect, right?

Anything Else?

We don’t know yet whether Bruno and Cosentino have moved to the suburbs yet but we surely had a good time talking to these two so don’t forget to read their interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION right here. You can watch Feeling OK right here via Apple Music (we probably should get use to this, right?)