big noble

BIG NOBLE’s latest release is less of a track and more like an auditory journey. With no lyrics or spoken word it relies heavily on a build up of sounds. Ranging from the sounds of crashing waves, to light piano melodies and foreboding long bass tones, Ocean Picture is a multi textured aural masterpiece.

INTERPOL guitarist Daniel Kessler joins sound designer Joseph Fraioli to create a texture of sounds and images in the visuals for Ocean Picture. Drone-led the visuals depict a snapshot of a woman brandishing a knife at a man. It captures a frantic situation in a calm yet ominous way. As the sound builds up, the picture is unveiled. Both aurally and visually, Ocean Picture creates a landscape of sound by exploring the textures of music and aesthetic.

Ocean Picture is taken from BIG NOBLE’s debut album First Light which will be available digitally from 3rd February on Affiliates Sound.