Bon Homme + Kasper BjorkeWait! Yes, some die-hard followers of this category might argue now that we already had Daybreaker by BON HOMME and LYDMOR as sound of the night before. Actually, we really did, back in September. But this time it’s a different sound, one even colder – but still it got a decent amount of groove. The man who is responsible for this change is none other than Danish electronica mastermind KASPER BJØRKE. He reworked the tender original into a hypnotic piece of wave-inspired techno. Dark disco material at its best if you wanna call it that way.

Seriously. What else do you need on a cold night like this? It’s always better with a beat, even the darkness. This joint venture of melancholy and funk is definitely worth for another mentioning. So, feel invited to waltz through the night with us.