Bully - I Remember - Video


BULLY return with another release from the highly anticipated debut album Feels Like. The Nashville band prove to be just as angry, insecure and anxious as previous releases but with a hint of sass too.

Why should I watch this?

The contrasting images of screaming into a microphone with Alicia Bogananno taking a composed sip of water in the closing of the video reminds the listeners of the human face behind the music. I Remember is relatable to any young person struggling with the complexities of existence. Continuing with the dissatisfaction and anger of previous release Trying‘I remember getting too fucked up’ strikes a parallel with Bogananno’s anxiety ridden vocals and the scream of ‘YEAH’ acts as a release.

Anything else?

With angry drum sequences and screaming vocals, BULLY are a band to be extremely excited about. Currently on a European and American tour in preparation of their debut record Feels Like is released by StarTime International from 23rd June.