Bully - Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

BULLY’s lead vocalist Alicia Bogananno doesn’t need you to understand her anxieties in new single Trying. Released earlier this month Trying teams sharp guitar riffs and rapid drum rhythms with grunge pop inspired vocals. Bogananno blurts out her insecurities clearly, not to make you understand just to lay her anxieties bare. Musing that she’s been praying for her period ‘all week’, BULLY encapsulate early 20’s angst in Trying. A perfect partner to BEST COAST on their tour later this year, the Nashville band share that same angry insecurity about youth, love and everything in-between. Trying will be the sound of 2015’s (hopefully) long summer, soundtracking all road trips, barbeques and festivals.

BULLY’s first full-length record Feels Like is available for pre order now and every pre order will receive two exclusive tracks prior to the release date. Released by StarTime International it will be available from 23rd June.