Over the last years it become a lovely tradition that mysterious British dubstep prodigy BURIAL ends the year with a rare release. At least he did it in 2012 with Turant/ Rough Sleeper and with the EP Rival Dealer in 2013. Okay, he skipped 2014 and released Temple Sleeper one month later but ever since that happened we haven’t heard much from the shy gentleman, despite the infamous selfie above and a collaboration with Hyperdub label mate ZOMBY earlier this year.

Now, by accident, the news spread around that November 30 will see the release of a brand new BURIAL single called Young Death/ Nightmarket. The announcement was meant to kept secret but Toronto record store Sonic Boom Records accidently already sold them on Black Friday last weekend. According to Pitchfork and the shop’s buyer Blair Whatmore, Hyperdub was obviously pretty pissed when they found out. However, that’s why the new single ended up being on Discogs. The release date has now been changed to this Wednesday.

A few ‘rips’ of the songs already circle around YouTube but were quickly identified as being a hoax, so you just have to hold your breath a bit longer. Please note that Hyperdub hasn’t offcially confirmed the release yet.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. Turns out both songs are now available digitally via Boomkat right here as well as via Bandcamp below