capital cities - stayin alive (bee gees cover)

CAPITAL CITIES covered BEE GEES’ “Stayin’ Alive”

Well, covering old classics has always been something that bands like to to. No matter if young bands cover the songs by their idols or well-known bands do covers for other reasons. In fact, covers don’t have to be good. Often they are not at all, since they seem like cheap versions of great songs.

Electropop band CAPITAL CITIES covered a lot of songs within the last years. May it be SINEAD O’CONNOR’s Nothing Compares To You, PINK FLOYD’s Breathe (a cover feat. TUPAC) or MADONNA’s Holiday. All of these covers have been exceptional. Now CAPITAL CITIES released another cover song and surpassed theirselves! The bearded guys with the huge glasses who just entered the German Top 10 charts with their single Safe And Sound, did a cover of the BEE GEES’ Stayin’ Alive. A song that is an old classic that somehow can’t get old, but still CAPITAL CITIES managed to bring this song to 2013 by giving it a new face.

Covering the Stayin’ Alive by the BEE GEES’ in a way like CAPITAL CITIES did it has to be honored! The song is titled “Sound Of The Day”!