Casper - Im Ascheregen

German rap genius and longtime NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION favourite CASPER has finally shared the first single of his upcoming new album Hinterland. Im Ascheregen (In a shower of ash) is the first musical piece we can hear from the follow-up to his successful album XOXO from 2011. Hinterland (which can be translated as ‘back country’ or ‘the outback’) is set for a release on September the 27th, the single is out tomorrow, on August the 2nd.

Benjamin Griffey, as CASPER goes by his real name, teamped up with two big named producers for the new record. One is Markus Ganter, who also produced Psycho Boy Happy, the critically acclaimed debut by indie band SIZARR. And the other one is Konstantin Gropper, the man behind GET WELL SOON. And this clearly helps explaining the epic sound. Same goes for the visual strong music video that might also explain the story behind the new album artwork. Watch the brand new video right here