Levi's x Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile in action.

Levi’s is probably one of the coolest brands out there. Probably Levi’s, Fred Perry and Converse are the only brands that managed to keep their coolness factor up high for so many years. Who says no to Levi’s 501, the black & white Fred Perry and a pair of black converse? In fact, I can think of many bands/artists pairing those exact items and hopping on stage – making each of those brands popular and fashionable to the youths and maybe even to the not-so-youths.

Sure, it’s no big news that the aformentioned brands have invested a lot in the music industry and they are always & forever linked to badass music idols. So this latest Levi’s music project might be no surprise to you, but, after all, don’t you expect something fun and sleek by them? We thought so and that’s why we present it to you.

So, guess what, fellows! We’re practically connected with ALICIA KEYS, KURT VILE and IBEYI. We wear the same jeans!!! Cool, huh?

Levi's x Ibeyi

Ibeyi for Live in Levi’s.

Through the Live in Levi’s project we actually get to watch some pretty established music figures walk around, play their favorite instruments and just be ~ in their natural environment~. They talk to us about their music, shows and tour experiences. They give us an insight on what’s important to them and what’s inspiring them, while being all comfie and looking sleek in their Levi’s outfits. On the website you can also find tips from the brand’s stylists about how to live in Levi’s as well.

We’re leaving you with the KURT VILE clip. We have to admit that we like this gentleman, here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and that we enjoyed his genuine spirit on the video for Live in Levi’s. But since that’s our opinion and your favorite artist/band might be someone else, feel free to scroll through the project’s website and find for yourselves details about their lives and their music.

All media courtesy of Levi’s.