Coldplay - 2014

Last night British superstars COLDPLAY started their gloabl stadium tour with a big bang, not just in terms of the show production itself. Three songs into the show in Buenos Aires, singer Chris Martin turned to the crowd saying: ‘Everybody! I think this is the perfect time to tell you a little secret. This might be it… no wait a second, THIS is it. The start of our final tour, the big COLDPLAY finale.’ His statement was followed by a massive ‘Boooh’ from the audience, ‘causing Martin to add: ‘Yeah, I know. We’ve been joking a lot about this. But this is for real. We are dead serious, so let’s have some fun.’ You can find a bootleg recording of the statement right here.

According to British yellow press The Sun an insider from the band is quoted by saying: ‘I think they achieved everything a band can achieve within twenty years. And everybody got a bit tired of all the neon-light nonsense and balloons over the course of the past years.’ The anonymous source furthermore explains: ‘Chris and all the others find it harder and harder from an artist’s perspective to explain their recent output. They are tired of that thing the band have become. They want to finish this tour and then leave.’ The Sun furthermore says that guitarist Jonny Buckland recently stated to that same source:

‘The world got tired of all the COLDPLAY nonsense and we as well.’

An official annoncement hasn’t happen yet and the timing couldn’t be stranger with a big world tour that just started but know turns out to be a farewell, following last year’s seventh and poorly received album A Head Full Of Dreams. Relive NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s feature about the band’s debut album Parachutes again to get a better idea why. If you read that far and didn’t notice yet that this is an April Fools’ joke… well, than we seriously don’t know what else it takes ;-)