Cut Copy - Photo by Michael Muller

Photo by Michael Muller

It’s Monday everybody. So it’s time to get the weekend started and also fight the Post-World-Cup-Win-headache here in the Berlin headquarters of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. And what could work better here than an upflifting piece of pop by the Australian ambassadors of ‘good vibrations’, CUT COPY. The band is about to re-release last year’s album Free Your Mind with additional remixes and bonus tracks.

One of these bonus tracks is called Lights Shine On and it pretty much sounds the way you expect a song with this title to sound. CUT COPY deliver another power-pop anthem full of positive spirit. A spirit about which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION also talked with the band a while ago. So, free your mind, start the week and always remember that the lights will shine on.