Photo by Marco de Haunt

Who is it?

It’s the second single from the Leipzig-based alternative rock three-piece. We introduced you to ATLAS BIRD back in last June when they made their first impact with the epic Voyage. Following plenty of gigs and practice the lads are preparing for the next big attack with this one.

Why should you listen to it?

Isolate continues to match the power of massive stadium-fitting melodies with a certain highly emotional post-rock DNA. If the term Emo Rock wouldn’t be loaded with all those negative connotations you could properly use it to describe this ambitious new ATLAS BIRD single. Riding on a wave of synth strings, Isolate is a bastard between MEW, BIFFY CLYRO, 30 SECONDS TO MARS and plenty of other influences that are sensible in here. If you like your gestures big and your life a bit larger in general Isolate might easily please you.

What’s next?

Martin, Erik and Axel are planning to release a full ATLAS BIRD EP later this summer which is luckily way faster than we had to wait for this one.

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