Who is it?

MADELINE KENNEY is a singer-songwriter from the US North-West (she grew up in Washington State before moving to Oakland a few years ago), who put out an EP called Signals last year. She’s signed to TORO Y MOI‘s label Company Records, and Chaz Bear is also producing her upcoming debut album Night Night At The First Landing. Rita is the lead single from that record.

Why should you listen to it?

On Rita, KENNEY absolutely nails that vintage alt-rock sound. It’s a song that lives in a perpetual whirl of fuzz. bursting into heavy, scrappy riffs at chorus time, and she pairs that sound with a killer melody that you’ll be singing to yourself for the next seven days. There’s little flickers of country in her sound too, in the quiet sparse guitars that open the track and the soul in the vocal. It’d be lazy to compare her to ANGEL OLSEN, but let’s just say if you’re an OLSEN fan you’ll probably enjoy this too. And you probably will even if you’re not, because Rita is a genuinely excellent song.

What’s next?

Night Night At The First Landing lands on September 1st.


1. Don’t Forget // There’s Room
2. Rita
3. Witching Hour
4. John In Irish
5. This Way // You’re Happy
6. Always
7. Big One
8. Waitless
9. Uncommon
10. Give Up // On Anything

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