Tom And His Computer 2017

Who is it?

The latest release of Danish producer and TRENTEMØLLER protégé Thomas Bertelsen aka TOM AND HIS COMPUTER. Last Friday saw the release of his second LP Playing In The Night which follows last year’s Small Disasters about which we already told you about.

Why should you listen to it?

Because just like his big buddy Mr. Bertelsen is slowly detaching its music from the limitations of electronic music, taking it to dark wave territory with a sinister progressive vibe. The single Eighty Four makes no acception and the accompanying music video by director Marco Stoltze delivers the fitting visualization for the sound. ‘We wanted a ritualistic feel throughout,’ explains the director and you might definitely agree that it worked out just fine. The vocals on that tune, by the way, are from Copenhagen’s Roxy Jules.

What’s next?

Friends help out friends and that’s probably just one reason why TRENTEMØLLER is taking TOM AND HIS COMPUTER with him on the road for his forthcoming European tour and we’re pretty sure that the bearded gentlemen will master that challenge.

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