Danish artist Thomas Bertelsen and his alter ego TOM And His Computer first showed up on our musical map in 2016 when he released his debut EP called Small Disasters and its dark magic really left a mark on us. Follwoing an also pretty good follow-up EP one year later Bertelsen went into radio silence but we’re more than happy to have him back with new music at last. Future Ruins is the name of a brand new single which is a first teaser of the artist’s anticipated debut album which is planned for a release this fall. It’s an impressive return; a post-punk fueled piece of sinister wave pop that features singer Roxy Jules and was produced by the one and only Trentemøller. Equally good as the song is its great music video, once again directed by Martin Garde Abildgaard who previously produced the Award-winning TOM And His Computer video Organ.

The atmospheric clip spreads an important message which not only deals with the relationship between to souls, but also addresses the entire climate situation we are facing right now (one thing people tend to forget in the current Corona chaos). Not only do we give you the exclusive premiere of the wonderful Future Ruins but also caught up with Mr. Bertelsen.

It’s been a while since we last heard from you. What have you been up to in the times since your last release?
Yeah, It’s been way too long actually. Apart from making new tracks I have been scoring a bit of music for various documentary films & TV productions. I’m always open to try out new things and I think it’s healthy to work outside my comfort zone.

Roxy Jules is featured on vocals for this new song as well as its B-Side. How did the collaboration came to happen?
She was featured on a couple of songs on my last EP, so it only felt natural to pick up from where we left. I think her vocals fit perfectly to my universe and I feel we understand each other very well. On top of that, she always crashes my studio with a big smile.

What was your approach towards these new songs? Future Ruins is heading for more traditional post-punk territory.
I come from an electronic music background but in the recent 5 years or so, I have really been enjoying digging deep into to the dream-pop / post-punk / dark-wave-gaze genres. I guess what I was hoping to achieve with Future Ruins was to combine some of those genres in my computer. Basically, I’m always searching for that “in-between genres sound”.

Actress Sonia Suhl starring in the “Future Ruins” video

The video is spectacular and cinematic but also comes with a great environmental message. How did you and director Martin came up with the idea.
I will have to give all the credit to Martin, who came up with the idea for the Future Ruins video so I’m quoting him directly here:

“The story in the video is inspired by the thoughtful and poetic lyrics, delivered by the amazing voice of Roxy Jules. A story about relationship. Man. Earth. Environment. Existence. I have also generated a lot of inspiration to the images out of the pulsing, analogue and crispy mood of the track itself. I really love the music Thomas makes. It inspires me a lot”.

When you were planning this release and the clip the world was obviously a different one. How are you facing the current crisis and how did it affect your work?
I guess the current crisis came as a surprise to everyone. I’ve been taking a break away from the studio and have mostly been focusing on spending time with family and a few close friends. I’m quite sure that the whole situation will effect my work in one way or another, but I don’t know how just yet. I choose to see this event as an opportunity, embrace it, and try out new things.

Planning things feels a bit odd these days. Still – what’s up for TOM And His Computer in the rest of 2020?
I was getting ready to go back and perform live gigs again just weeks before the crisis hit. So I’m kinda back in my studio for now. But what I’m really looking forward to is the release of my debut album in late 2020. Can’t wait to get it out – loud!

Future Ruins by TOM And His Computer is out on May 8 via hfn music. Grab it right here.