Depeche Mode 2012 - Photo by Anton Corbijn

Photo by Anton Corbijn

Synthpop legends DEPECHE MODE are about to start recording their 14th full-length studio album. As Martin L. Gore now officially confirmed in a recent podcast, him and the rest of the band are about to head to the studio in April to record the follow-up to 2013’s Delta Machine. Gore already recorded a few demos and Dave Gahan is expected to follow him. ‘We are in a good place to get started’, the songwriter confirms.

Last year, both DEPECHE MODE leading men released solo material, Gore in the form of his intrumental LP MG and Gahan in the form of his second SOULSAVERS collaboration Angels & Ghosts. The new studio album by the pop heavyweights is likely to get released in early 2017, continuing the band’s ‘one album every four years’-cycle.