Diamond Version - CITonight’s ‘Sound of the Night’ marks the musical joint venture of two very interesting artists. On one side we got DIAMOND VERSION, the Mute Records-based collaboration of Carsten Nicolai aka ALVA NOTO and Olaf Bender alias BYETONE. And on the other side we got singer Neil Tennant, fifty percent of legendary synthpop duo PET SHOP BOYS. They join their forces for Were You There?, a brand new single by DIAMOND VERSION. After releasing a few seperate EPs last year Nicolai and Bender will unleash their full-length debut CI on June the 2nd.

And having Mr. Tennant on board for the first single is clearly not the worst idea. The distinctive voice of the singer marks a bittersweet contrast to the eclectic dark beats of that track. Together they unveil an almost gospel-like feeling. And of course they provide the perfect score for this dark night. Witness the new collaboration right here.