Editors - Marching Orders - Video


We’re not far away from a new EDITORS record, which you should know by now. The follow-up to 2013’s The Weight of Your Love is done and we already heard a first bit from it called No Harm earlier. Now the next new song occured and what a song it is. Epic would be an understatement. Over about seven and a half minutes Marching Orders unfolds a dramatic bed of subtle build-ups, retardations and multiple layers. A bed that suits Tom Smith’s dramatic lines pretty well, so does the corresponding new clip.

Why Should I Watch This?

The video for Marching Orders continues EDITORS‘ current black and white aesthetic. Located in an abandoned building we follow a mysterious woman, witness a suffering Tom Smith and lots of white paint, covering up the whole scenery. It’s been directed by Rahi Rezvani and mainly serves the song’s dramatic structure – which is hard enough.

Anything Else?

We could go on speculating wether this would be a perfect intro or outro for the new EDITORS record but we’ll all just have to wait and see. Waiting is fun, though, when it’s shortened by such a nice clip for a literally overwhelming song.