Guy Garvey - 2015

Following first rumours from last year charismatic ELBOW singer GUY GARVEY now officially announced his solo debut. Courting the Squall is its name and it will be released on October the 30th. It was recorded at Bath’s Real World Studios and Salford’s Blueprint Studios. Here’s what the man has to say about his record.

‘Elbow graciously gave me some time to write a solo album. I’ve wanted to try for years and I’m really proud of it. ‘Solo’ because I wrote everything but I was far from alone. I invited my favourite players outside of Elbow (many of them also my favourite people) and we moved fast, drank a lot and had what can only be described as a massive laugh along the way.’

Already today you can stream Angela’s Eyes, the first ever solo single by GUY GARVEY below via Spotify.