Electric Youth - Photo by Chris Muir

Photo by Chris Muir

One man, his car and a visually impressive revenge trip, accompanied by hypnotic synth melodies. Yes, we all remember 2011’s contemporary cult movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. And probably one reason why it had such an impact was the title track of the movie, A Real Hero by COLLEGE and ELECTRIC YOUTH. The voice of singer Bronwyn Griffin is both – sensual and seductive while remaining also a bit fragile.

It’s her voice that also helps to bring the duo’s new single Innocence alive. Together with her musical partner Austin Garrick the distinctive singer aims for greatness. And in the case of ELECTRIC YOUTH it looks like their upcoming debut album Innerworld (out on September the 30th) will provide such great moments. Synthesizer daydreams, performed in all possible colours. You might fall for this as well since it’s just too irresistible. Convince yourself right here.