From Rock Action Records, the very own MOGWAI label, arrives a quite surprising sound today: Scottish three-piece ERRORS mark their return in form of the track Slow Rotor. And what shall we say – the band that once started out as a rather math rock oriented, BATTLES-infected group obviously takes a further step into easy listening (or at least easier listening) pop fields. Slow Rotor is much more a sunny synth pop song than a complex structured riddle. But nonetheless, there’s a certain melancholy and mysterious understatement about it.

The song is the second impression we get of ERRORS upcoming new LP called Lease Of Life, due to be released on March 23rd. It follows the first teaser in form of the title-track that’s been a bit more in tradition of ERRORS‘ alternative take on electro pop. The record itself has been reportedly recorded on the Hebridean Isle Of Jura in Scotland. Despite what that may mean, it seems like we should risk an ear or two if it arrives. So long, enjoy the lighter side of the Scotsmen.