Father John Misty - Honeybear - Video


By now you should know that Josh Tillman aka FATHER JOHN MISTY is one of indie music’s coolest motherfuckers, right? We enjoyed this year’s new album I Love You, Honeybear very much, to say the least and his crazy publicity stunts (remember the one with the fake streaming service) never fail to amuse us, we must say. Now, the epic title-track of his new album gets an epic music video as well.

Why Should I Watch This?

Well, first of it, it’s a great piece of music. And second: the setting is as bizarre as we expected it from Mr. Tilllman. The clip features actors Brett Gelman and Susan Traylor as your ordinary EMT couple. The clip portrays an average night in their exciting jobs. Witness them getting drugged up, saving the lives of Tillman and his lover and refusing to follow any rules. Madness awaits us all right here.

Anything Else?

All hail FATHER JOHN MISTY. Enough said for today. Enjoy the clip right here.