Feral Ad Stray - Between You And The SeaAs the cold and grey October got us tight inside its claws there comes a longplayer which might mark the perfect soundtrack for excatly the introspective mood you’ll get these days. Between You And The Sea is the new record by Canadian songwriter talent Erin Lang and her project FERAL & STRAY. And it really is the right musical material to embrace you on such a cold autmun day. The warmth in the gentle voice of Lang, the yearning guitar play, tender string moments and the bittersweet melancholic melodies they provide. You could call it dream pop, but maybe that would be to simple. There is no simple solution, even in the reduced beauty of Lang’s new longplayer.

The dreamy songwriter pop of FERAL & STRAY was produced by Mark Lawson who previously already worked with heavyweights ARCADE FIRE and BEIRUT. And it was mixed by Dave Bryant from GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR. These are some quite big names but Lang managed to fulfill any expectations by just being true to herself and these little song wonders. Between You And The Sea is a vague idea of pop, something to caress your ears and maybe also your heart. Lang’s voice is the guiding light while the sound of FERAL & STRAY takes us deeper into the darkness. But between us and the sea might be a bit of hope.

This really is a wonderful record and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is very happy to present you the exclusive stream of the record. It’s out on November the 1st via label Mikrokleinstgarten. Enjoy it already today right here.