Fidlar - 40oz on Repeat - Video


Thank god for this news. Californian punk rascals FIDLAR have finally announced their second studio album. The follow-up to their full length self titled debut from 2013 goes by the simple name Too and is set for a release on the 4th of September via Wichita and Mom + Pop Records. We can expect nothing but sweet madness from these guys. And the first music video for the record might be the finest possible proof of this.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because FIDLAR did their own quite charming music video spoof clip for 40oz On Repeat. Watch them delivering own interpretations of iconic music videos, including everything from KORN to EMINEM, from JAMIROQUAI to THE HIVES. And having singer Zac Carper dressed up as Britney Spears for the band’s very own Baby One More Time version is easily the highlight of this clip. Especially the lo-fi attitude in terms of the production (Just take their solution for generating the corn fields from SOUNDGARDEN’S Black Hole Sun video) are a bliss to watch.

Anything Else?

‘I hope we cure cancer with our music’ was one of the serious answers these guys gave us back in our interview with the band back in 2013. FIDLAR truly are one of the finest young bands around these days and if you aren’t a fan yet you might become one after enjoying this video clip.