FINS - Photo by Marco Sensche

Photo by Marco Sensche

Instead of drowning in another piece of dark melancholia tonight, how about giving NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s ‘Sound of the Night’ a lovely twist today? Yes, why not unfolding a little piece of smooth retro-driven soft pop/rock by four talented gentlemen from Berlin? FINS! is the name of the band and you can surely take that exclamation mark literally as these guys really want to make an announcement with their latest single. And truly, Out Of Sight feels a bit like an almost forgotten radio hit from 1985. The four-piece managed to deliver a quite impressive contemporary twist on the timeless sound of pop music’s finest decade.

The track is so good that we even forgive the band the clichéd inclusion of aerobic dancers with neon-coloured headbands in the accompanying music video. FINS! are not about the 80s, they are a band to watch out for in the future. The single will be released on iTunes tomorrow (via label From A Mountain Records), the debut album might arrive somewhere in 2015. Until then don’t leave these guys out of your side.