Franz Ferdinand - SparksTwo generations of influential indie musicians are about to join forces for a collaborative album. FRANZ FERDINAND are currently working together with legendary American duo SPARKS on a record. As SPARKS keyboarder Ron Mael told the NME both bands ot their hands on the record since they first met last spring. “You can really hear a mashing together of both bands,” he say “If there was a train crash between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, this is what the wreckage would sound like.”

The bands hope to finish their work soon for a proper release of the record this summer. Especially the two singers work together quite well as Mael tells. “Alex and Russell’s voices are very distinctive, so you notice the trade-off between them straight away. Both bands’ styles are coming together pretty seamlessly.” We’ll keep you updated on this project. In the meantime enjoy two classic singles by both bands.