Ghost Twins - Never Fear Total Failure - Album Cover 2014

GHOST TWINS will release their debut album Never Fear Total Failure on Monday, April 14th. Fresh and forward-thinking with an independent sound, the record represents a new attitude for the Derby two-piece, infusing experimental and independent ideas with huge melodic pop moments of sheer brilliance.

Never Fear Total Failure represents personal struggle and the eventual hope we all can eventually achieve through our darkest hours. The album’s lead track 2006 sees GHOST TWINS‘ experimentations with synthesizers and vocal manipulation continue, expressing the endeavors of humanity through times of torment. GHOST TWINS‘s Chris Jones explains that the aim of 2006 was to create a song that ‘has a relentless, disorientating sound that mirrors the confusion of a troubled soul’.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION exclusively streams GHOST TWINS‘ mystifyingly beautiful debut album Never Fear Total Failure. Enjoy the stream below!