Ghostpoet - Nadina Shah - X Marks The Spot

Sometimes it’s just quite impressive what artistic evolution certain musicians make over the course of the years. Just take Obaro Ejimiwe, better known as GHOSTPOET. When he started a few years ago people tried to put him into the  ‘alternative rap’ niche, just limiting his personal taste and musical interests. The charismatic Brit had much less limited ideas in mind for his alter ego. Slowly but steady he evolved the sound of GHOSTPOET over the years, resulting in the freshly released and quite satisfying new album Shedding Skin. This record is definitely anything but a usual rap record. Ejimiwe created his own microcosm, freed himself from any expectations which resulted in a really stunning record.

Now, the talented lad releases a music video for X Marks The Spot, the second single from the album. It features the talented NADINE SHAH (Who’s about to release her second album Fast Food in early April) at backing vocals. Just the perfect partner to add a lovely sinister note to the hypnotic track. Outstanding music from one of the UK’s most fascinating artists at the moment. If you don’t believe us please take your time and enjoy the new video right here.