Not bald, hair combed neatly to one side.

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As you might know, beloved cartoon band GORILLAZ is currently busy in the studio, recording their first studio album in five years. Cartoonist Jamie Hewlett shared a few sketches and images over the past months and has now shared first videos from the session which prove that mastermind Damon Albarn is finally also part of the recordings.

UPDATE 13/06/2016: A fan ran into Mr. Hewlett the other day who confirmed that him and Albarn are still working on the new  GORILLAZ album but it won’t be released before next year. They don’t want to rush things but promise somethingreally fuckin special’ with the LP. See the band’s recent studio videos below as well.

WE GOT JAMIE NEWS! This here is HIM and our friend Linda. JAMIE says new GORILLAZ is special, really fuckin special. Can’t be rushed. 2017, yo. Fuck. So, guys, that Gorilla Fund, we got time. Go shop, take vacation, that shit aint happening this year. BUT its gonna be all that and more. And….Jamie follows us. So….you got something to say to him and don’t wanna get yelled at on his IG by his very serious followers, say it here! HE IS HERE. Watching, reading and digging it. He loves this account and appreciates our repping. #JamieHewlett #JamieSaid #ThoseWords #FuckinAye #Gorillaz #Gorillaz2017 #ThisIsNotOurFace #WeTookThePic #HalfOfUsWasThere #OtherHalfInMontreal #Explanations #DidWeMention #JamieWasMadCool #Animated #Friendly #GangstaToo #HisShow #HisArt #SoCool #Go #IfYouCan

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